Yeti 1250, Boulder 100 Briefcase, 2 x LAL 270 Lantern Bundle

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Everything you love about the Yeti 1250, our biggest recharger, to keep you powered. This kit also includes our Boulder 100 Briefcase and two bonus Light-A-Life Lanterns.

This kit is ready to plug and play and comes with everything you need for the ultimate portable solar powered set up.


Everything you love about the Yeti 1250, our biggest recharger, to keep you powered. This kit also includes our Boulder 100 Briefcase and two bonus Light-A-Life Lanterns.


MP3 Player410-420
Action Cam300-320
Camp Fridge40-85hrs
Cordless Tools 20-65
Large Fridge6-25hrs
Power Tools 1-5hrs
Charge by Wall18hrs
Charge by Vehicle40hrs
Charge by 2 x Boulder 3020hrs
Battery Capacity1250Wh, 100Ah
Yeti 1250 Dimensions40.5x29.3x38cm
Yeti 1250 Chainable Yes
Rated Power:100W
Open Circuit Voltage:18-20V
Cell Type:Monocrystalline

What's Included

1 x Yeti 1250

1 x Boulder 100 Briefcase

2 x Light-a-Life Lantern original

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