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Unlimited power in your pack

Adventure knows no limits, and neither should your power. The Sherpa 100 Recharger represents the latest in efficient lithium ion battery technology wrapped into a portable, lightweight package. Designed to power all the gear in your kit, the Sherpa 100’s versatile array of ports include ultra-fast, smart USBs for phones and tablets, a 12V port for lights, and an innovative port specifically for laptops.

The Sherpa 100 recharges from the wall or car – and combined with Goal Zero’s portable line of solar panels, it recharges from the power of the sun. The Sherpa 100 works well when combined with a Nomad 28 Solar Panel, which will refuel your Sherpa 100 in just 10 hours, or you can pair with any other compatible solar panel.

Sherpa Inverter also available to add a ‘plug’ to your Sherpa.


  • Compact design, huge power storage
  • USB, 12V, laptop and optional AC wall port outputs
  • Rapidly refuel the Sherpa 100 in 3 hours via the wall or your vehicle, or pair with a compatible panel



MP3 Player30
Action Cam25
Cordless Tools 1-5
Light-A-Life30-35 hrs
Camp Fridge3-7 hrs
CPAP0-7 hrs
Large Fridge0-2 hrs
Television0-1 hrs


Charge by Wall3 hrs
Charge by Vehicle4 hrs
Charge by Nomad 14 Plus15-30 Hours
Charge by Nomad 28 Plus7-14 Hours
Battery Capacity98Wh
Weight864 g
Sherpa 100 Dimensions14.7x3.8x13.3cm
Sherpa 100 ChainableYes

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