Goal Zero Collaborates with the Canon Collective Event on Moreton Island!

Solar Power on Moreton Island

Goal Zero Collaborates Canon Collective Event on Moreton Island!

This weekend just gone we were fortunate enough to chill in Tangalooma with Canon Australia for the Moreton Island Photography Festival.

As a national park, Moreton Island offers an incredibly array of visually diverse locations just off the coast of Brisbane.

With so much marine, wildlife and unique photography locations to see, we got some seriously amazing content and upped our photography game with our friends AquaTechf-stop GearWildhorn Outfitters to help everyone get the most out of the Moreton Island Photography Festival. We also took our friends from Umbrella Creative to help us capture some of the magic!

Hosted by Canon Australia for the Canon Collective, the festival provided unique experiences to learn, experience and practice photographic skills.

From the 27th to the 29th of October we got to hang out at Tangalooma Island Resort for the entire weekend to work alongside amazing photographers and showcase our solar powered products.

We were able to teach photographers how to use solar power with our products to help photograph for longer during the Helicopter Aerials over Moreton Island, Sand Dune Fashion Workshops and Wreck Snorkelling workshops.

Goal Zero sponsored two nominated categories; the Best Sunrise/Sunset and the Best Fashion Print.

The Best Sunrise / Sunset category was hosted each day to a total of three different winners and each were gifted a Goal Zero Nomad 7 among other prizes.

The Best Fashion Print winner received two Goal Zero products amongst their winnings, which included Goal Zero Sherpa 50 and Nomad 20 Solar Panel.

Collaborating on this event provided an opportunity to educate photographers on how to incorporate solar power into their photographic ventures and help them continue to power anything anywhere.

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